About the Merriam Vincent

Guest House

The Merriam Vincent Guest House is an award-winning Italianate house that was built in 1862 by Isaac Merriam. The beautiful home is centrally located in Oswego, NY near Washington Park; close to restaurants, shopping and sites.


You will enter the house through two  sets of stately 8' tall doors.  Looking up at the base of the grand stairway you'll have an instant feeling of being home.


This beautiful home is open to our guests offering luxurious rooms furnished with over-sized queen beds and comfortable and plush furniture with period accessories.  


We have a total of four rooms making your stay more personable and private than hotels.   What sets us apart and makes your stay more of a retreat is our focus on health; organic food, green cleaning, and a filtered water system.

"There's something about it; you walk through the elegant double doors and into another time.  The magnificent chandeliers,  the stately molding, and the grand staircase.
More than a B & B, you truly feel like a guest"

Perfect for a business stay.

Perfect for a romantic stay.

Perfect for any stay.

Your host

Your host, Joy Vincent-Moody welcomes you to  Oswego NY.  


I feel blessed to be the latest caretaker of this beautiful Italianate home!


 My goal as the host of the MV Guest House is to make your stay comfortable, memorable and as healthy as I can.


As a certified health coach and plant-based chef, I am very aware of the importance of the quality our of food, water, and our air.  I do not use toxic cleaners or toxic foods.  Our water is filtered using the Pelican Whole House Water Filter System which filters not only our drinking water but our bath water as well.

The Small Details

At the MV Guest House, we serve only the best quality of food.  All our food is organic, pesticide-free and pure*.  

Our green cleaning methods are safe and without toxins or chemicals; many of which we make ourselves using essential oils.

Water is so important and here at the Merriam Vincent Guest House, we have filtered all our water with the Pelican PC1000  and PF6.

124 East 3rd Street

Oswego, NY. 13126

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Tel: 315-216-4195

Call between 9 a.m. & 8:30 p.m.


* We strive to have 100%  organic foods. When we can't get organic we do the best we can in providing clean food.

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